Attracting People

If people are repeatedly exposed to the subject matter of Krishna then they will be attracted.

Lecture on "Understanding Krishna through Bhagavad Gita" – Salem – 8th Nov'06

Being Attracted to Krishna

When our hearts are softened by being purified by devotional service, we will be naturally attracted to Krishna.

Lecture on "Great devotees exhibited ecstasy but we shouldn't" – Salem – Nov'06

Arrangements By Krishna

Krishna arranges everything in this material world in the most wonderful manner that it reflects the spiritual world but at the same time accommodates people who are not in the consciousness of the spiritual world. So people with similar mentalities and proclivities are placed in similar situations (in a varnasrama society).

Lecture on SB 3.6.32 – About the Four Varnas – Vyasa Puja 2008 – 5th Jan'08 – Tirupati

Worship of Krishna

Worship of demigods is for material benefit. Worship of Krishna is for ultimate benefit.

Lecture on "Srila Prabhupada Gave Us Everything" – SB 3.5.51 – 31st May 1996

Lord Krishna

The really real thing is Krishna. He is the Absolute Reality, the Absolute Truth.

Lecture on Real Success Stories Are in Srimad-Bhagavatam (SB 8.4.15; Ljubljana, Slovenia, 26 Dec 1998)

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