Attraction to Krishna

After doing one’s dharma, whatever it may be, if he does not develop love of Godhead, attraction to Krishna’s name, beauty, pastimes, he will understand whatever he got is nothing but only waste of labour, useless

Real Dharma

Purpose of dharma is to develop attachment to God, His name, His form, His beauty, His pastimes, His dham, so that one can go back to Him (Krishna). That is real dharma

Negative Attachment

If we have got even iota of attachment to anything other than Krishna, we have to go there. We cannot go back to Godhead.

Positive Attachment

1. Bhakti means to develop attachment towards Krishna, anything relating to Krishna. Bring complete attachment towards Krishna & go back to Godhead & have picnic there with Krishna, eating with Madhumangal or Nityananda prabhu’s nice Chidha-dahi festival. No disease, be always happy & blissful there.

2. Are you completely attached to Krishna and Karshana, things related to Krishna?

Importance of Association With Devotees

If the devotee feels that, "I can be Krishna Conscious without the association of devotees." it is very dangerous situation. More we separate from devotees, more we bounded by the attacks of Maya. The material world is designed to struggle to exist. So, Srila Prabhupada made the situation minimum by having Krishna conscious temples, communities and farm projects, so devotees can live in association with devotees.


In essence, duality means that we forget that we are part and parcel of Krishna. We want to enjoy separately from Him, we want to play the controller.


Persons who smell the aroma of Lord Krishna's lotus feet, carried by the air of Vedic sound through the holes of the ears, accepts Krishna's devotional service. The Lord is never separated from them.

Mood of chanting

1. We should not finish our rounds as a duty. Chanting is like a cry of a child for the mother. We should chant in the mood Chaitanya Mahaprabhu gave. We should feel like we are now separated from the lord. How can we feel comfortable? No! The holy name isKrishna. But we are not feeling association of Krishna. This is pity. We should chant in such mood all the time.

2. Chant in the mood as if Lord Krishna, the supreme personality of  Godhead, all majestic has just appeared before you.

Traditional Education

Traditional education is practically a thing of the past, something most of us have never even seen, what to speak of having lived or experienced such a life-style. We are generally totally ignorant of what itmay be or what it might have been. Whatever little we have heard about traditional education has often left us with negative impressions and reservations about it, as we were likely exposed to the so called short-comings and even “backwardness” of such an educational system.

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