Satisfaction can be disturbed by our surroundings, but Krishna Consciousness can help us transcend everything.

Protecting Ourselves From Kali

To protect ourselves from Kali we have to be honest, sincere and should not keep ulterior motive-. Hence we became instruments of Maya. We should strive to live by the teachings that Srimad Bhagvatam has left with us.


Vaishnava means whatever he does is for the pleasure of Krishna, service to Krishna without any motivation. He is always happy & joyful. Krishna will take care of him & when he leaves his body, he always lives with Krishna & his associates. This should be our business.

Objective of Life

Marriage with a view to peaceful and virtuous life and with a view to procreate servants of the Lord is a good institution for a Vaisnava. Spiritual cultivation is the main object of life. Do everything that helps it and abstain from everything that thwarts the cultivation of the spirit.

Our Nature

We are eternal in nature; we are eternal souls and therefore something as artificial as death causes fear. When the eternal thinks it is temporary, that ignorance causes it so much anxiety, disturbance and fear.

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