A Devotee is Not Envious

A devotee feels the happiness of others as well as their distress. They are to be selfless and compassionate. A devotee is sad that he is not serving better and sad due to the distress of another. In this way, devotees do not envy because they feel happiness when others are happy. There is no question of envy. Since they lack this ego, they do not think, “I deserve this benediction. I should have this material position. I am much better than that person.” This mindset of self-centeredness will draw envy.


It is Maya's greatest challenge to somehow or other disunite the devotees. As long as there is any impurity in our heart, Kali is going to try to manipulate that impurity to create an excuse for us to quarrel and fight, to sever the unity of our relationships so that we cannot work together to serve Srila Prabhupada and Krishna.

Marching Forward in The Great Battle Against Maya

As devotees, even if we may have weaknesses and faults, we are all fighting the battle together and sometimes one of us is weak and sometimes one of us is strong;  and when you're weak I will pick you up, and when I'm weak you will pick me up;  and in this way we will march forward together in this great battle against Maya.

So Do We

It may be true .. that devotees may have their faults .. but so do we.
It may be true .. that devotees may have their weaknesses & make mistakes .. but so do we.
It may be true .. that sometimes devotees commit some offences .. but so do we.

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