Fall Down

Even after coming to the Bhava stage, Jada Bharata did the slightest mistake. Little compassion towards a deer. Even in bhava stage. Who is here in bhava stage, please raise hand.

The Soul’s Nature

The soul's nature is spiritual. In the soul's heart is pure love, love for Krishna alone. Now the soul is covered with lust. Now that original love for Krishna sleeps. Chase the lust far away. Awaken the spiritual love.

Lord Krishna

The most secret portions of the Vedic texts declare Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Lecture on "Srila Prabhupada's influence in India" – Bahrain – 25th OCT'06

The Bhakti Yoga

In comparison to any other yoga system, a jiva can engage in a totally reciprocal relationship with Krishna within the bhakti yoga system.

Placing Faith

To the extent the heart is polluted with sins, it cannot place its faith in the vedic scriptures or the bonafide spiritual master.

Fault Finding

Fault finding is maya’s very vicious weapon to divert our attention from what we have to do in life and that is clean up our own hearts.

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